What causes you to thrive?

To live a comprehensively successful life?

My name is Mike Rose. I am a rapid personal development, problem-solving, relationships, strategy and sales expert who trains Individuals, Couples & Business Teams how to thrive. When you work with me you get a Comprehensively Thriving Life, an interconnected flourishing reality of Health, Business, Personal, Social & Love success. I am a scientist who has done a lifetime of research and testing to create my methods, and I have been successfully teaching them to Individuals, Couples & Business Teams around the world for over a dozen years. The methods I teach are scientific because they work with every single person, couple and team who uses them consistently. They produce significant, verifiable, measurable positive outcomes. 

My research shows that people with high self-esteem, self-awareness and self-belief, refined emotional intelligence, healed past traumatic experiences, excellent strategic planning & implementation ability, effective social skills, a strong intuition, exceptional problem-solving skills, and high creative output……Thrive.

Now it is possible to develop all of these success qualities quickly, because I have created scientific methods that enable you to rapidly develop these qualities and make them habits that last. My Intuitive iQ Methods™ are so effective because they enable you to clearly understand the issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals, clearly define your goals in each major area of your life, and give you the tools you need to resolve all issues while creating new, comprehensive, daily and long-term successes.

"Mike is a tremendous human being with wonderful energy, intense insight, high intelligence, a great passion for positive change and real skills for it. Love the guy and all he is doing and stands for."

Jay Levin
LA Weekly

"Mike Rose has an understanding of intelligence that is unrivaled. If you want to perform at a preeminent level, you need to work with him. Intuitive iQ will take you from being great to being a master."

Matthew Zalewski
Founder & CEO
Perception Management Bureau

I became an expert in this because, when I was younger, I had none of the qualities I listed above. In fact, when I was 19 years old I had very low self-confidence and a lack of self-awareness. I had no emotional intelligence. I had many unhealed traumatic experiences. I was terrible at strategy. I had very poor social skills. My intuition was weak. My problem-solving ability was limited. And my creative output was minimal. 

I didn't know how to create success, and I was very depressed. I got into a life-changing, sports career-ending car accident, the girl I was in love with  left me, and I was socially isolated and estranged from my family . When I reached my lowest point emotionally, I decided that I must figure out how to become healthy and successful, because I didn’t want to keep living if I was going to fail and suffer so much.

When I was 19 years old I had no idea what the problems were, or the solutions. Then I started searching for them.

It took me 15 years to figure out that a successful human being has all of the qualities I listed above. I figured that out because I managed to develop them myself, slowly, over the course of those 15 years. As my intelligence increased, my ability to create success increased. During those years I became a musician, live performer and recording artist who performed music at some of San Francisco’s premier nightclubs. I became a professionally trained, award-winning actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. I became an innovative fine art photographer. I became a scratch golfer. And I created my own thriving business, one that helps others, that I'm very passionate about, and that enables me to fulfill my life purpose. I was able to accomplish all this because my self-confidence, self-awareness, self-belief, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, intuition, social skills, strategic planning ability, and creative output all became very high.

When I looked back at my former self, I realized that I had changed in all of these ways. Then I had an idea: “What if I can create training methods that create all of those qualities in a person much faster? What if I can engineer a successful human being?"

Those questions led to the creation of Intuitive iQ and the Self Intelligence Methods™ I’ve been teaching Individuals, Couples & Business Teams around the world for over a dozen years.

"Mike Rose intuitively understands the mind, body, emotions and intuition. He enables peak performance by creating a seamless integration of these components." 

Philippe Van Nedervelde
Dir. of Intl. Development
Global 2045 Initiative

"Mike Rose is an insightful, emotionally powerful, polymathic man. He has moved beyond success training to a life-enhancing role on a greater stage".

Jonathan Vos Post 
Renowned Writer 
Mathematician & Scientist

If your Health, Business, Personal Passions, Social Life and Love Life are all thriving, you are living a comprehensively thriving life.

If you are not thriving in one or more of the major aspects of your life, this lack of success is causing you grief. Let's face it, success feels good, and failure feels bad. Getting what you want feels amazing, while not getting it feels terrible. And much worse than that, failure in one area of your life drags you down and hurts the other areas.

If you don't know why you can't achieve your goals, or you know why but don't know how to solve your problems, I can help you. I am an expert in identifying the problems that prevent Individuals, Couples & Teams from thriving, and I have created the solutions that solve these problems rapidly.

Here’s my offer to you...

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Mike Rose
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"Mike Rose is an intensely compassionate human being who understands how to increase intelligence to create peak success.

Kevin Perrott
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"Mike Rose is a force of nature who empowers others to succeed".

Stephanie Secrest
Professional Photographer

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