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Welcome to Intuitive iQ. We teach people around the world how to live a Comprehensively Thriving Life. We teach you how to create a comprehensively healthy, financially thriving, personally fulfilled, socially supportive and love-filled life.

If you have Health issues you can't fix, Financial problems you can't solve, feel a lack of Personal fulfillment, if your friends are unsupportive or toxic, or there is a lack of love in your life, the Intuitive iQ Digital Coaching Service will give you the Scientific Research Information, Methods, and Step-by-step Training & Development Guide you need to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

"Mike is a tremendous human being with wonderful energy, intense insight, high intelligence, a great passion for positive change and real skills for it. Love the guy and all he is doing and stands for."

Jay Levin
LA Weekly

"Mike Rose has an understanding of intelligence that is unrivaled. If you want to perform at a preeminent level, you need to work with him. Intuitive iQ will take you from being great to being a master."

Matthew Zalewski
Founder & CEO
Perception Management Bureau

My Name is Mike Rose. I am the Founder of Intuitive iQ, a company that offers affordable and highly effective Intelligence Assessments & Coaching Programs. These innovative services enable you to clearly understand the problems preventing your peak Health & Success, and give you the most effective methods available to rapidly solve your problems and create a Comprehensively Thriving Life. My education and experience are extensive. I am an Athlete who has achieved professional or advanced-level ability in multiple sports, an award-winning Artist who has thrived in many artistic disciplines, and my knowledge, skills, training and experience are equivalent to several advanced degrees. I have played and taught tennis at a professional level, played scratch golf, surfed double overhead waves, rockclimbed in Yosemite, performed music at some of San Francisco's premier nightclubs, written, directed and starred in award-winning films, created an innovative new form of fine art photography, and created Intuitive iQ. I am a scientist who has spent my life researching, testing, training and teaching, and I have taught Intuitive iQ to people in dozens of countries for over a decade. 

There are many training programs out there that teach a clearly defined process that gives you the technical and strategic skills, and real-world experience, to succeed. A great example is martial arts, a discipline where you start as a white belt with no technical skills, strategy or real-world fighting experience, and they teach you a step-by-step process that enables you to become a blue belt, a brown belt, or even a black belt. Other sports disciplines such as tennis or golf, or artistic disciplines such as acting, use similar training programs that lead you through an effective process of training and development, so you acquire the technical skills, strategy and real-world experience you need to succeed.

Unfortunately, the education systems of the world do not teach a training and development process that enables you to succeed in all areas of your life. They teach you how to read and write, how to do maths, how to conduct scientific experiments and think analytically, but they don't teach you how to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, to succeed in business, to become personally fulfilled, to engage in thriving friendships, or succeed in a love relationship. Some people manage to develop these abilities on their own, but many adults live their lives without the ability to succeed in one or more major areas.

The Intuitive iQ Digital Coaching Service gives you the the technical and strategic skills, and real-world successful experiences, to create a comprehensively thriving life. It enables you to rapidly increase your intelligence to create a thriving Health, Business, Personal, Social & Love life.

"Mike Rose intuitively understands the mind, body, emotions and intuition. He enables peak performance by creating a seamless integration of these components." 

Philippe Van Nedervelde
Dir. of Intl. Development
Global 2045 Initiative

"Mike Rose is an insightful, emotionally powerful, polymathic man. He has moved beyond success training to a life-enhancing role on a greater stage".

Jonathan Vos Post 
Renowned Writer 
Mathematician & Scientist

There are many people out there who will say something like, "Your life is a choice, just make the choice to do things differently and you will get better results." The fact is that, while making better choices is necessary to create positive change, in order to create change you must increase your Intuitive iQ. You must train yourself to develop the abilities, as habits, that lead to success.

Imagine if you are a white belt or yellow belt and you start a fight with a black belt: you will get beaten up, badly. Similarly, if you do not have the skills you need to succeed in your health, business, personal life, social life, or love life, and you try to create success in those areas, you will fail, get beaten up, and suffer because of it. If this keeps happening to you, over the years you will suffer a lot of trauma, and eventually you will become hopeless and give up.

I understand all of this very well because, when I was young, I didn't have the abilities I needed to succeed, so I experienced many failures, and even some very bad tragedies. I was getting badly beaten up by life, and at a certain point I was so hopeless I didn't want to be alive. But when I reached my lowest point, I started searching for the answers, and this search lead me to discover how to create a comprehensively successful life. I then started teaching others how to do it, and I've been doing that for many years now.

"Mike Rose is an intensely compassionate human being who understands how to increase intelligence to create peak success.

Kevin Perrott
Founder & CEO

"Mike Rose is a force of nature who empowers others to succeed".

Stephanie Secrest
Professional Photographer

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Mike Rose, Founder

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