Right now, you are placing bets on your company. On your Executive & Management Teams, and all of your employees. No matter how good their resumes are, you do not know how they are going to perform at their job, or whether they are going to be successful. Intuitive iQ assesses your team members and employees to reveal intelligence weaknesses that may cause problems. We also provide solutions to fix those problems.

These assessments and solutions increase the odds of your business's success exponentially. If the assessments reveal that certain team members and employees have no weaknesses, you will have peace of mind that they will enable you to succeed. For the others who do show weaknesses, I offer scientific training methods that solve these problems efficiently and effectively. 

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"Mike Rose intuitively understands the mind, body, emotions and intuition. He enables peak performance by creating a seamless integration of these components." 

Director Intl. Development, Global 2045 Initiative, Arona,Tenerife

"Mike Rose is an insightful, emotionally powerful, polymathic man. He has moved beyond performance training to a life-enhancing role on a greater stage."

Renowned Writer, Mathematician & Scientist, Los Angeles, CA

"Mike Rose has an understanding of intelligence that is unrivaled. If you want to perform at a preeminent level, you need to work with him. Intuitive iQ will take you from being great to being a master."

CEO, Perception Management Bureau

"Mike's methods work because he uses an interdisciplinary scientific approach."

CEO, Neogrid, e.V., Germany


About This Site

How would you rate your team's productivity? Efficiency? Problem-solving ability? Strategic planning expertise? Are you having daily creative breakthroughs? Achieving team synergy? Do you have an aligned shared vision? Are you maximizing the performance of your team?

Welcome to Intuitive iQ, a scientific training process that enables Peak Performance. We accurately assess individual and team performance levels, then teach methods that eliminate weaknesses and roadblocks and maximize strengths and success.

To achive peak performance now, contact info@intuitiveiq.com