My name is Mike Rose. I am a rapid personal development, problem-solving, relationships and strategy expert who teaches individuals and businesses how to thrive. I am a scientist who has done a lifetime of research and testing to create my methods, and I have been successfully teaching them to and coaching individuals, couples and businesses around the world for over a dozen years.

"Mike is a tremendous human being with wonderful energy, intense insight, high intelligence, a great passion for positive change and real skills for it. Love the guy and all he is doing and stands for."

Jay Levin
LA Weekly

"Mike Rose has an understanding of intelligence that is unrivaled. If you want to perform at a preeminent level, you need to work with him. Intuitive iQ will take you from being great to being a master."

Matthew Zalewski
Founder & CEO
Perception Management Bureau

If you are not thriving in one or more of the major aspects of your life - your Health, Business, Personal life, Social life or Love life - this lack of success is causing you grief. Let's face it, success feels good, and failure feels bad. Getting what you want feels amazing, while not getting it feels terrible. If you don't at least get what you need, you suffer, and that suffering drags down the other major aspects of your life.

If you don't know why you can't achieve your goals, or you know why but don't know how to solve your problems, I can help you. I am an expert in identifying the problems that prevent people and teams from thriving, and I have created the solutions that solve these problems efficiently and successfully.



"Mike Rose intuitively understands the mind, body, emotions and intuition. He enables peak performance by creating a seamless integration of these components." 

Philippe Van Nedervelde
Dir. of Intl. Development
Global 2045 Initiative

"Mike Rose is an insightful, emotionally powerful, polymathic man. He has moved beyond success training to a life-enhancing role on a greater stage".

Jonathan Vos Post 
Renowned Writer 
Mathematician & Scientist

Intuitive iQ Global Community

"Mike Rose is an intensely compassionate human being who understands how to increase intelligence to create peak success.

Kevin Perrott
Founder & CEO

"Mike Rose is a force of nature who empowers others to succeed".

Stephanie Secrest
Professional Photographer