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Who I Am - I am an EXECUTIVE BUSINESS CONSULTANT, a Self Intelligenceâ„¢, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Problem-Solving, Relationships & Strategy Expert. I bring a lifetime of experience, research, training and teaching to my clients who are in dozens of countries around the world. 

What I Do - I work with EXECUTIVES & EXECUTIVE TEAMS in dozens of countries around the world. I also do assessments of employees.  The work I do solves big problems such as the need to increase sales, the need to overcome past failures, the need to fix or dramatically improve team-or-client relationships, and the need to create an effective strategy with an aligned shared vision. The work I do enables you to solve your problems much faster while significantly increasing your individual and team performance, which results in an exponential increase in the success of your business.

Why I Do It - I work with PEOPLE LIKE YOU because nothing brings me more satisfaction than to create a huge positive impact on your life and your business. I love the work, plain and simple.


Our Individual Training Package will enable you to Achieve Your Goals Now. You will learn how to solve big problems fast, maximize the value of your relationships, and implement an effective strategy as you eliminate all obstacles.

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Our Relationship Package enables you to Create a Thriving Relationship. You will identify what you need both personally and together, and create an aligned shared vision of your future life. We also offer spectacular Quarterly Retreats in Hawaii.

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Our Team Performance Package will enable you to Achieve Team Peak Performance, and create an effective strategy with an aligned shared vision of your team strategy and goals. 

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"Mike Rose intuitively understands the mind, body, emotions and intuition. He enables peak performance by creating a seamless integration of these components." 

Philippe Van Nedervelde
Dir. of Intl. Development
Global 2045 Initiative

"Mike Rose is an insightful, emotionally powerful, polymathic man. He has moved beyond success training to a life-enhancing role on a greater stage".

Jonathan Vos Post 
Renowned Writer 
Mathematician & Scientist

"Mike is a tremendous human being with wonderful energy, intense insight, high intelligence, a great passion for positive change and real skills for it. Love the guy and all he is doing and stands for."

Jay Levin
Fix Our America

"Mike Rose has an understanding of intelligence that is unrivaled. If you want to perform at a preeminent level, you need to work with him. Intuitive iQ will take you from being great to being a master."

Matthew Zalewski
Founder & CEO
The Perception Management Bureau

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